Agency Modernization

Is your team 

ready for a



Every agency needs to modernize their processes and systems but many underestimate the complexity of the challenge. Whether it’s the Big Game or a big project, planning and preparation are critical to success.

Many elements need to come together to make a team successful – coaching, scoring, strong defense, and don’t forget the special teams. And you don’t get to the Big Game without some wins along the way.

Agency modernizations need the same things to be successful. Mathtech has helped many state agencies with their modernization projects from planning and strategy to RFP and requirements to project management and oversight.

Are you ready for success? We are happy to discuss ideas for your agency and share best practices for modernization. If you are interested in a free half-day strategic planning session, market assessment – or just have questions – Contact Us.

Here are some points to consider as you move down the field.

Game Strategy: What is your vision for a modernized agency?
Game Film: Do you know what other agencies have done?
Playbook: Is your RFP complete and ready?
Teams: Are you ready to support a modernization effort + daily operations?
Practice: Are your processes up to date and ready to be modernized?