Federal Government - Operational and Technical Services

Since 1984, Mathtech has provided management consulting and information technology services to the Federal Government across various systems and operational areas.

Services Provided

Our business process and technical expertise have enabled us to add value to the our federal customers in the following areas:

  • Financial Management of Government Programs
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Personnel Planning and Forecasting
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Development
  • System Testing
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Project Management and Oversight

Mathtech’s offers over thirty years of experience in federal budgeting and financial management for DOD and civilian agencies. This experience is best demonstrated by projects in the development and re-engineering of a host of FAA financial information systems, including:

  • The Financial Management System (FMS)
  • The R,E&D  Monitoring, Analysis and Control System (REDMACS)
  • The Regional Information System (REGIS)
  • The Staffing and Personnel System (SAPS);
  • The Personnel, Compensation & Benefits model (PC&B);
  • The Resource Tracking Program (RTP)
  • The Requirements Information Management System (RIMS)

Having built a variety of financial information systems, Mathtech has extensive experience in the business practices used for different types of appropriations – Research, Engineering & Development (R,E&D), Procurement and  Operations (OPS).  Today, these systems are used for all facets of financial management, including planning, budget formulation, execution and reconciliation with the official accounting systems.  Earlier efforts include the development of a national project management system that covered all functionality, including project scheduling, manpower forecasting, budget formulation and budget execution.  These projects have given the Mathtech team an in-depth familiarity with the federal acquisition and program management processes.  It is this understanding of the underlying business processes and data, coupled with our technical expertise, that enables us to develop applications that meet the specific requirements of the budgeting, financial and acquisition communities.