Metropolitan Transit Authority - System Development

Mathtech was engaged by MTA to perform an analysis of an existing legacy system that produces a cash flow and budget projections for capital projects.  Mathtech designed and developed a new more flexible system to replace the legacy system. 

Services Provided

The project adhered to all client standards as they related to database design, application development and application documentation.  Naming standards where used, database space usage and growth projection were calculated and provided to the database administrators.  The application contained built-in help screens and functions.  A data dictionary was created for the user to assist with ad-hoc reporting.  Production turnover documentation was created to implement the application

Training was provided to the client in the use of the application.  User documentation was provided to the client along with built-in help in the application

Project management included producing and maintaining a detailed project schedule.  Other activities were publishing status reports, documenting meetings and tracking issues/resolutions