New Jersey - Children’s Systems of Care

Mathtech was engaged by PerformCare to provide project management services for a failing system development project for the State of New Jersey’s Children’s Systems of Care (Children’s Behavioral Health).

Services Provided

PerformCare and their IT partner, Tidgewell Associates (TAI) were selected to take over New Jersey’s Children’s System of Care (Children’s Behavioral Health).  Their task was to configure a new system (CYBER), institute all business practices, convert all data, and begin operations.  The CYBER system went live with difficulties (functionality not working as expected, etc.). 

The staff continued to  upgrade the system.

Mathtech was approached for assistance with database normalization and configuration (Mathtech provided two Data Base Administrators with expertise in these areas).  Later with the resignation of project manager, Mathtech was asked for assistance with project management and development.   The Mathtech project manager implemented a number of changes:

  • Instituted PMI approaches
  • Reformed the development teams (each team going forward had a business analyst, testers, developers and a DBA)
  • Instituted iterative development techniques (including reviews of deliverables, screen shots, process flows by associated business personnel)
  • Instituted iterative testing techniques (involving end users – PerformCare, State Personnel, and providers)
  • Developed a schedule with specific software releases.  These releases were focused on a specific set of business requirements (e.g.  Recording and tracking Third Party Liability Insurance)
  • Instituted templates for meeting minutes and agendas
  • Started bi-monthly meetings with the key provider groups (UCM, CMO, etc.)
  • Instituted daily CYBER team meetings to encourage communication and sharing of ideas
  • Changed the culture from reactive to pro-active.