ICSG – The Integrated Communications System Group offers world class digital communications systems and engineering services that meet the stringent requirements of the DOD and are flexible to support the diverse needs of civilian agencies and the private sector.

About ICSG

Mathtech’s newest division – the Integrated Communications Systems Group – is the developer of the AN/AYQ-27, a digital communications management system.  Currently flying on the Navy’s Advanced Hawkeye E-2D aircraft, AN/AYQ-27 offers a flexible baseline architecture that can be used on many platforms within DOD and the private sector.  Commercially known as Intellicom-27™, ICSG’s system is fully flight qualified and combines all the functions of an advanced intercommunications system with a number of workload management features and mission support capabilities.

ICSG’s manufacturing oversight assures on-time delivery within budget, while upholding the highest quality standards. ICSG is ISO 9001:2008 and AS-9100C certified.

Please go to www.icsg.us.com to learn more about ICSG’s capabilities and products.