Agency Modernization

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Game Strategy: What is your vision for a modernized agency?

Vision – It is hard to achieve your goals and objectives if you don’t know what they are.  Visioning allows Agencies to work together across all units including key external partners to build a plan for future operations.  When everyone participates in group sessions and interacts to build a vision, it builds consensus and support to implement that Vision.  Consider planning some strategy sessions with key stakeholders in each business area and ask “What’s working and what doesn’t work? How should we do business in the future?”

The Mathtech Visioning Methodology drives assessments and discussions across six key areas that allow Agencies to drive effective improvements.

Film Review: Do you know what other agencies have done?

Market Assessments – It is important to understand the solution options in both approach and vendor solutions as well as what is working well for other agencies. Consider reaching out to other jurisdictions and ask about their similar experiences.  Industry conferences are a great way to exchange information and identify new solutions. General Internet searching and collaboration with colleagues on LinkedIn may provide valuable information and case studies.

Mathtech attends many industry conferences, has working relationships with many state agencies, and maintains relationships with key solution vendors to stay current with the marketplace and what is working. This type of insight helps agencies make better decisions about what will work for them.

Playbook: Is your RFP complete and ready?

Requirements and RFP – If you want a solution that meets your operational necessities, you must know what you need and be able to clearly communicate it to your delivery partners.  Every state agency has common operational needs in addition to unique mandates.

Consider leveraging policy and procedure manuals, training guides, process maps, and staff knowledge to document current operational needs. The necessary level of detail will depend on whether you are purchasing a commercial software package or specifying a custom solution.  Make sure to include future requirements that may not be reflected in your “as-is” operations.

Mathtech has built a library of thousands of requirements for operational and technical operations as well as Request for Proposal (RFP) content for delivery requirements so no Agency starts with a blank page and can quickly achieve a detailed set of requirements and RFP content for their unique needs.

Team: Are you ready to support a modernization effort in addition to your daily operations?

Organizational Change and Staff Readiness – No project succeeds without staff support, participation, and adoption of new processes and solutions.   While communication & training are key elements of organizational change, there are other important activities that drive readiness and support.  Consider a change management methodology such as ADKAR.  They provide a valuable framework for planning, implementing, and assessing organizational change.

Mathtech’s Organization Change Management Methodology, GEARS, provides an industry-standard, Prosci/ADKAR-based approach to change which includes stakeholder and sponsorship assessment, communications planning, coaching, resistance planning, along with executive coaching & leadership mentoring to get organizations ready for any change, small or big.

Practice: Are your processes up to date and ready for transformation?

Operations and Infrastructure Readiness – As Agencies plan for new solutions, this is an excellent time to assess and improve processes.  Often Agencies have been following processes that are not well documented and were optimized years ago.  Reviewing, cataloging, and identifying process improvements helps Agencies be better prepared to implement new solutions by having thought out and documented how they want to operate. 

Similarly, new solutions often bring more graphical interfaces, data exchanges, and image capture which can overload infrastructure and network setups that are not sized to support these types of solution features.  Agencies can be better prepared by assessing and making the procurements and updates to position their infrastructure backbones for new solutions.  

Mathtech’s Project Readiness approach considers Data, Technology, Processes, Staffing, and Governance as critical areas that need to be addressed in preparation for a large project.

Our Special Team: Mathtech is here to help.

Our Mission – We are here to help agencies plan and implement successful projects.  These projects are how agencies transform and improve operations, customer service, and the quality of their results.

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