Information Technology

Mathtech's technology expertise has been honed on some of the most mission critical systems throughout the private and public sectors.  From enterprise architecture to design and code analysis, we bring a wide range and tremendous depth of information technology services to bear for our clients. 


At Mathtech, we believe that technology must be an effective enabler of your business operations.  Our experience with Systems Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Development and Support enables us to provide the support our clients need to navigate their technology foundation to determine the best path forward.  We are skilled at modernization planning, designing hybrid models to leverage a mix of COTS, in-house developed systems, and newly developed systems.  Your business doesn't stay the same; you need your supporting technology to keep pace.  Our pragmatic approach to system analysis and enhancement allows our clients to proceed with critical systems at a manageable pace with manageable risk.

  • IT Strategy and Architecture Development – Mathtech helps our clients develop a flexible strategy to meet technology objectives by leveraging existing technology and new technology as needed.
  • Requirements Analysis and RFP Development – Mathtech can develop detailed requirements, write RFPs, and assist in the bidding and evaluation process. Our RFPs are designed to create manageable, well defined projects.
  • Systems Development – Mathtech provides a full range of implementation services that allow our clients to provide more services quickly using industry standard methods and technologies.
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance – Mathtech leverages our deep systems and technology expertise to provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that our clients’ technology continues to provide the foundation upon which to operate a thriving business. 
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