State, Local, and Commercial Division Clients


Blanket Contracts

Mathtech has been awarded numerous state and local government contracts. The contracts noted below have been awarded to Mathtech based upon our proven track record of providing high value consulting services to our clients.

  • California – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • Delaware – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • Florida – Information Technology Independent Verification and Validation
  • Hawaii – NASPO Master Agreement
  • Louisiana – IT Staffing Support
  • Maine – Master Services Agreement/NASPO Participating Addendum
  • Maryland – NASPO Master Agreement
  • Maryland – IT/SOW Project Support
  • Maryland – CATS+
  • Missouri – Management Consulting Services
  • Missouri – Project Based IT Services
  • Montana – Master Contract for IT Services
  • Nevada – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • New Jersey – CAI – IT Staff Augmentation
  • New Jersey – T2555 (Patient Safety Adverse Events)
  • New Jersey – T2882 (Cost Allocation)
  • New Jersey – T2599 (Quality Assurance/Project Management)
  • New Mexico – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • North Carolina – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • Oregon – Organization Services #DASPS-3564-20
  • Pennsylvania – Master IT Services Invitation to Qualify (ITQ)
  • Pennsylvania – OST Global – ITSA Subcontract
  • Pennsylvania – CAI – IT Consulting Services
  • Philadelphia – Enterprise Application Planning and Solution Architecting Consulting Services
  • Philadelphia – IT Support
  • Virginia – CAI
  • Washington – Information Technology Professional Services Program/Business Analysis
  • Washington – Auditor’s Office Professional Consulting Services Convenience Contract
  • Washington – Strategic Business Analysis Consulting Services
  • Washington – NASPO Participating Addendum

Client Project Descriptions & Services Provided


Mathtech was engaged by AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) to guide them in visioning a national e-titling strategy.

Requirement Topics included:

  • Project Management
  • Visioning
  • Strategy
  • Process Assessment


The Department of Revenue engaged Mathtech to provide support services to implement their Integrated Tax System. Mathtech performed the following roles:

  • Analyzed prior Integrated Tax System (ITS) implementations and the benefits experienced by those jurisdictions to prepare a summary of findings to present to agency leadership. The materials were subsequently used to support the decision to implement an ITS.
  • Currently providing PMO level support, assisting DOR leadership in identifying implementation considerations and advanced risk assessment and analysis.
  • Currently leading performing OCM activities. The OCM plan includes a Coaching Plan and creating a Change Agent Network.
  • Supporting testing efforts, including test plan review and feedback, test scenario development, test script development and test execution.
  • Leading the analysis of the Collections process, bringing expertise from other jurisdictions to support innovation and improvement.


Mathtech provided business and technical guidance on the implementation a comprehensive tax Data Warehouse. This repository contains individual and business tax data from multiple sources including state and local taxes, Federal taxes and collections data.  Additionally, Mathtech provides subject matter guidance on new compliance programs and organizational change management support.

Services Provided:

  • Assess business reporting needs
  • Define technical requirements and configurations for a warehouse
  • Analyze financial impacts of new compliance programs and define associated business rules
  • Assess and redefine several large divisions’ quality and resource utilization vectors
  • Provide change management planning and activity coordination


Mathtech was engaged to assess current IT processes and structures and how well they met business needs, as well as develop an IT Strategic Plan for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) State Highway Administration (SHA).  Numerous interviews and facilitation sessions were conducted to obtain feedback from the both technical and operational units in the SHA organization.

Services Provided:

  • Business Process Mapping:
    • Identify and define the IT organization’s current high-level (primary) business processes and interoffice/inter-agency relationships relative to IT.
    • Examine the effects of technology on business processes: Review internal and external dependency links between enterprise core business areas, processes, and information systems.
  • Operational Assessment:
    • Review the existing organization’s IT ability to support its core business functions.
    • Identify the impact of the Statutory and Policy statements on core business functions.
    • Analyze and assess operational needs for the IT organization
    • Assess and recommend opportunities to make the SHA workforce more efficient / effective through the use of information technology (IT) systems and strategies.
    • Discuss potential changes to the organizational structure(s) and business practices.
  • IT Strategic Planning:
    • Assist SHA personnel in prioritizing recommendations for new / enhanced IT management processes and organization infrastructure.
    • Identify and provide recommendations of strategies that could be implemented in a five year IT Strategic Plan that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SHA.
    • Identify and provide recommendations of technology initiatives that can be implemented in a five year work plan that would improve efficiency and effectiveness of SHA.
    • Develop recommendations, action plan and a timeline for implementation.


Mathtech was engaged by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to implement a web-based system for the reporting and analysis of patient adverse events at health care facilities, in order to determine the frequency of incidents, analyze the root causes, and develop procedures to improve patient safety.

Services Provided:

  • Project Management, PMO, Governance:
    • Mathtech provided on-site project management, including schedule management, risk assessment, issue tracking, scope reviews, and status reports, and the IT expertise to convert another state’s homegrown system to a robust solution
  • IT Architecture and Strategy:
    • Mathtech architected the additional capabilities requested by NJ, and recommended the hardware and software to house the system in NJ’s server infrastructure.
  • Operational Assessments & Strategic Planning (Visioning):
    • The project kicked off with strategic planning sessions involving all parties, including an analysis of their current paper-based operation. The workflow and operational changes required by the online system were analyzed and optimized.
  • Requirement Analysis:
    • Mathtech led joint requirements development sessions and developed a gap analysis based on the capabilities of the transfer system.
  • Business Process Improvement:
    • Mathtech worked with the DHSS staff to design the new workflow and supporting organizational structure.
  • System Development:
    • Mathtech managed the participating development staff  and supplemented the development effort occurring in New Jersey
  • System Testing:
    • The system was tested using test scripts and error logging prior to pilot and phased rollout. Mathtech performed the system test, performance test, and regression tests, including writing test scripts and tracking errors and issues.
  • Pilot:
    • Mathtech participated in the pilot at chosen health care facilities, including user training and support.
  • Training:
    • Mathtech developed training materials specific to the type of facility and was onsite for training sessions to provide technical support.
  • Rollout:
    • The roll-out was phased by type of facility, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and day surgical centers.  Mathtech provides application support and maintenance.


Mathtech was engaged by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development to perform a feasibility study and cost benefit analysis of a statewide document management solution as well as help the State meet Federal reporting requirements.   Mathtech also provided quality assurance services for the implementation phase of the project.

Mathtech gathered requirements, developed a feasibility study and alternatives analysis, and developed an implementation Advanced Planning Document (APD) to obtain Federal funding and a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a document imaging management system.

The system will be used by the county welfare agencies (CWAs) and State staff in support of the Food Stamp (FS), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), General Assistance (GA) and Medicaid Programs.

The scope of work includes imaging documents utilized by the county welfare agencies in managing cases and providing an effective mechanism for storing and retrieving documents.

Services Provided:

  • Analyzed existing processes and technologies
  • Documented problem areas and impacts
  • Developed recommendations and alternatives via the Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis Document
  • Developed evaluation criteria to analyze alternatives
  • Presented findings and recommendations to users and management

After an implementation vendor was selected, Mathtech continued on the project providing quality assurance reviews.

Mathtech tasks for Quality Assurance included:

  • Development of a Quality Assurance Management Plan
  • Evaluating success of strategic objectives
  • Preparing federal planning documents (IAPDs)
  • Development of Change Control Processes
  • Participating in and reviewing all vendor-led JAD sessions
  • Appraisals of all vendor deliverables
  • Tracking of project issues and risks
  • Developing Quarterly Assessments of the project
  • Maintaining an independent project schedule
  • Reviewing vendor plans and schedules
  • Developing semi-monthly status reports
  • Reviewing all vendor status reports and plans


Mathtech assessed needs for Individual Tax and Program operations.  The goal was to identify the vision for the future of Individual Taxes and Programs, define the system(s) required to support future processing, and review/edit existing requirements from a prior RFP.  In addition, Mathtech provided an analysis of Integrated Tax Systems.  Mathtech provides ongoing project oversight and change management support.

Services Provided:

  • Future Visioning Development
  • Business Architecture and Gap Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis and Definition
  • ITS Market Analysis for solution options
  • Project Oversight and Change Management Support


Mathtech led the South Dakota Department of Revenue (DOR) through a methodology to articulate the Vision for System Modernization and the Future Business and Technology Architecture for business taxation and motor vehicles (titling and registration) functionality. Mathtech led an effort to evaluate the current technology vendor landscape through a Request for Information (RFI) and demonstrations. Mathtech also led an effort to define current state processes and improvement opportunities (the Process Catalog), and future state RFP-ready functional requirements. Lastly, leveraging the Prosci methodology, Mathtech led DOR through organizational change evaluation and the development of an Organizational Change Management (OCM) Plan.   


Mathtech was responsible to define the vision for a new modern system and develop a plan on how to approach and prepare for system modernization.  The modernization was of all primary computer systems including foundation technologies such as database, content management, rules engine, interface and print engines as well as all core functionality including: Driver Licensing, Driver History, Title & Registration, Business Licensing, and Finance.   Post implementation, Mathtech provided research and benchmarking of similar IT organizations along with an analysis of the agency goals, structure, staffing, skill sets, and operating models options.

Services Provided:

  • Operational Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • IT Strategy and Architecture Development
  • Requirements Analysis and Definition
  • IT Organizational Research and Benchmark Study
  • IT Structure Analysis and Operating model recommendations


Modernization Strategy Plan

Mathtech led WYDOT through a series of interviews and reviews to understand their current environment, strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and future goals to develop a Modernization Strategic Plan. In addition to a future vision, cost model alternatives and solution alternatives were evaluated.

Driver License & Motor Vehicle System Modernization

Using the Vision for System Modernization and the Future Business and Technology Architecture defined in the Modernization Strategy Plan, Mathtech further led the definition of functional and non-functional requirements and developed the full enterprise RFP covering all DMV functions. In addition, Mathtech is working with WYDOT and ETS to develop a data dictionary and convert data from the existing DL/MV database.


Since 1984, Mathtech has provided management consulting and information technology services to the Federal Government across various systems and operational areas.

Our business process and technical expertise have enabled us to add value to the our federal customers in the following areas:

  • Financial Management of Government Programs
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Personnel Planning and Forecasting
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Development
  • System Testing
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Project Management and Oversight

Mathtech’s offers over thirty years of experience in federal budgeting and financial management for DOD and civilian agencies. This experience is best demonstrated by projects in the development and re-engineering of a host of FAA financial information systems, including:

  • The Financial Management System (FMS)
  • The R,E&D  Monitoring, Analysis and Control System (REDMACS)
  • The Regional Information System (REGIS)
  • The Staffing and Personnel System (SAPS);
  • The Personnel, Compensation & Benefits model (PC&B);
  • The Resource Tracking Program (RTP)
  • The Requirements Information Management System (RIMS)

Having built a variety of financial information systems, Mathtech has extensive experience in the business practices used for different types of appropriations – Research, Engineering & Development (R,E&D), Procurement and  Operations (OPS).  Today, these systems are used for all facets of financial management, including planning, budget formulation, execution and reconciliation with the official accounting systems.  Earlier efforts include the development of a national project management system that covered all functionality, including project scheduling, manpower forecasting, budget formulation and budget execution.  These projects have given the Mathtech team an in-depth familiarity with the federal acquisition and program management processes.  It is this understanding of the underlying business processes and data, coupled with our technical expertise, that enables us to develop applications that meet the specific requirements of the budgeting, financial and acquisition communities.