State and Local Government

Projects are the single most important tool for accomplishing goals, creating change and improving operations – Mathtech helps organizations create projects that are well-defined and designed for success.

Our Approach

Mathtech understands the benefit of serving the public well and the need to interact efficiently with businesses.  We know the management, organizational, and political aspects of state government operations and understand how best to leverage technology to achieve the critical undertaking of state operations.

Our Customers

Mathtech has completed many mission-critical projects for a variety of state agencies, including:

  • Licensing
  • Education
  • Statewide IT
  • Transportation
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Revenue & Taxation
  • Labor & Workforce Development
  • Health & Human Services
  • Justice & Public Safety

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Success Stories

See how Mathtech helped State and Local clients achieve success through clear direction.

Our Services
Our Services
Our Services
New Jersey
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Blanket Contracts

Mathtech has been awarded numerous state and local government contracts. The contracts noted below have been awarded to Mathtech based upon our proven track record of providing high value consulting services to our clients.

  • ACRO Service Corp. – Associate Vendor Agreement
  • Delaware – Lean Management Services
  • Florida – Information Technology Independent Verification and Validation
  • Hawaii – NASPO Master Agreement
  • Louisiana – IT Staffing Support
  • Maine – Master Services Agreement
  • Maryland – Consulting and Technical Services+ (CATS+)
  • Montana – Master Contract for IT Services
  • New Jersey – CAI – IT Staff Augmentation
  • New Jersey – T2555 (Patient Safety Adverse Events)
  • New Jersey – T2882 (Cost Allocation)
  • New Jersey – T2599 (Quality Assurance/Project Management)
  • North Carolina – NASPO Participating Addendum
  • Pennsylvania – Master IT Services Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) #4400004480
  • Pennsylvania – OST Global – ITSA Subcontract
  • Philadelphia – Enterprise Application Planning and Solution Architecting Consulting Services
  • Vermont – Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)
  • Vermont – IT Professional Services
  • Washington – Information Technology Professional Services Program/Business Analysis
  • Washington – Auditor’s Office Professional Consulting Services Convenience Contract
  • Washington – Strategic Business Analysis Consulting Services
  • Washington – Lean Transformation Services

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