Projects are the single most important tool for accomplishing goals, creating change and improving operations – Mathtech helps organizations create projects that are well-defined and designed for success.

Available NASPO Services

The diagram below depicts services that support procurement activities based on a general acquisition lifecycle. Actions indicated within each phase (A. through E.) are examples of when they may be utilized throughout the lifecycle and may be required at any phase. Click the diagram to read more about the services provided under each phase.

Supporting Mathtech Services

Project Management

Project Management Support, Maturity and Capability Assessments, Governance and PMO Setup, Training and Mentoring, Project Management and Technical Oversight, Vendor and Contract Management, IV&V

Business Operations

Operational Assessment and Strategic Planning, Business Process Optimization, Data Analysis, Business Continuity Planning

Information Technology

IT Strategy and Architecture Development, Requirements Analysis and RFP Development, Systems Development, Systems Operation and Maintenance

Change Management

Planning for Change, Defining and Assessing Change, Communication/Stakeholder Planning, Change Networks, Coaching, Training, Learning & Development, Sustaining Change

Quality Assurance

QA Certification and Auditing, System Testing

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