Functional Area: 3.1 Research and Development Support

Mathtech is the current Inter-Communications Systems (ICS) supplier for the Navy’s new E-2D aircraft under subcontract to the Northrop Grumman Corporation. Mathtech completed several prime Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts for NAVAIR PMA-231 to support the E-2C Hawkeye and E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft ICS. The first ICS SBIR contract was to develop a concept for a digital audio ICS to replace the AIC-14 that was in use on the E-2C aircraft. Based on our Phase I SBIR performance, Mathtech was awarded a Phase II contract to build a demonstration model of a wireless interface to allow an operator to remain in communications as if a corded headset were being used. It also incorporates voice commands to make radio and control selections that were previously accomplished through physical action.

Functional Area: 3.2 Engineering, System Engineering, & Process Engineering Support

Mathtech engineering management staff utilizes three plans to manage the engineering efforts performed on our ICS program. These documents are the Program Management Plan (PMP), the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), and the System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP).Taken together, these documents provide the processes, plans, and schedules needed to execute a successful program.Each element defines a key part of the management approach:

  • The PMP defines what will be done (plan).
  • The IMS defines when it will be done (schedule).
  • The SEMP defines how it will be done (process).

These plans create the foundation of our approach to engineering management.  The documents provide the program manager with the plans and processes to execute the engineering program.  Elements contained in these documents are based on requirements provided to Mathtech via customer documents and surveys as well as Government standards, specifications, manuals and guidelines, and Mathtech processes and procedures.

Functional Area: 3.4 Prototyping, Pre-production, Model-Making, & Fabrication Support

For our NAVAIR programs, Mathtech has created specific products relevant to this functional area — we have built working models, mock-ups, prototypes, pre-production, and production equipment during several contracts. To do so, we utilized a combination of in-house facilities, consultants, and independent subcontractors depending on the specific equipment produced. In all instances, Mathtech has managed contracted fabrication services and inspections to ensure product quality.

For the original E-2C replacement ICS, Mathtech first produced a “breadboard” of a multi-user digital ICS. This product included operator interface panels to demonstrate feasibility of the concept. Subsequent development led to the production of a prototype system that was installed aboard an aircraft and tested in the user application. This prototype demonstrated the ability to integrate the equipment with the existing interfaces and provide test support to the evaluating team.

Quality Assurance Program

Mathtech has received AS9100 and ISO9001 certification for designing, developing and manufacturing digital Intercommunications Systems.